What is creative commons free license and why we use it

With the rapid flow and interest of internet users to making websites or blogs now it is compulsory to enhance security. Also with production of an extra layer to kick out the spammers, hackers, content stolen etc. And give new edge & glance to your blog. Plus know the demands of modern technology. Now it is the basic need of every user.

Why we take Creative commons free license:

Not a bad question “when James asked to the thief why you do robbery in the Bank. Robber simply replied for the sake of money.” Same like this when we start a field or any type of work first time then we have no idea about its algorithms with ups and downs of that specific platform. We do what we want this is not our default. Because it is just a start and we are new. But with the passage of time when we learn from mistakes and gain huge experience then we realize the values from all aspects.

So it is our recommendation to all of newbie who just started there online carrier whether as a blogger, website building or any related discipline keep your work safe and sound with the help of creative commons. Because when you have ability to surprising and inspiring others with your work so here you face two types of groups.

One who appreciate your work and share it with their fellows in legal, right and true sense and other start jealousy! This second group is harmful for you in many aspects like copy pasting for further assistance you may have a look at(Facts and usage of Copy rights). Stop every single suspicious activity where you seen using Creative commons. Hope that you will understand this theme and logic of taking free license. Now let’s get to the point.

About Creative Commons:

CC is that website which provides free license to the original creator. When anyone shares their work them enabling the people to use it, seek from it and inspiration around the planet. To understand the Creative Commons you have some information bout copyrights. Understand from simple example like I write this post and I have copyright license from CC that I’m the original creator of this post. Don’t give your copyrights to another. Also mega online companies like Google, Flickr from Yahoo, Wikipedia are integrated with Creative Commons licenses. And all these support to cc license.

use free creative common license

Creative Commons License properties:

Luckily CC gives you authority that what part of your copyright you happy give to the publish with public.
Simply go to the creative commons on its interface you may see some categories or special signs that not seen even before. Which we will discuss in our next  post.

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