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How to know facts and fair usage of copyrights

Almost at every small piece of thing that is under our daily life use we see this term “Copyrights all right reserved”.  Most of people do not know what’s this? Why this line appear at a small piece of wrapper, all type of products, books, electronic media, websites and even everywhere. Today we disclose & solve this hidden mystery.  What type of factors behind this? And other relative things we discuss so let’s start.

Copyrights an introduction:

When a person invent anything like an application developer develops a modern application, a publisher writes something, composer makes lyrics, an artist draw their own thinking on white page in short one who create something he is a creator and created thing called his creation. In simple words we can say that owner.  Automatically and legally he keeps all rights reserved upon his creation because he is the owner of this thing and it belongs to his. It depends upon his will whether he allowed reusing, reshaping and modification upon his copyrights license. This was a simple and short sketch about copyrights.


This is an honor and attribute for creator. In every mind there are some gifted abilities from “ ALLAH ALMIGHTY ”. But need to polish and positive use them in the society. People who find and use these capabilities to creating something new, amazing & appreciate able really deserve to keep this formula under copyrights reserved. If they allow then good if not then no one can claim upon this restriction? Under some specific conditions people may use there work but by offering the tribute of original & genuine creator.

Why copyrights are so important for probloggers:

Do respect and get respect. Millions of new bloggers are starting their blogging carrier every second. They share copyright content on their posts on social media for the sake of impressing the readers. Even that they do not know about copyrights limitations. This is not fair, totally illegal and open violation of copyright principle. Just think about a building of which base is fake. Can it survive? Obviously not!  On the other hand there are some things that need to understand before we jump into blog sphere. Our first duty is to update and complete aware about these terminologies. If we use something of a creator even an image then this is the user responsibility after taking proper permission. Do not misuse of the copyrights. Keep more focus on these basic and compulsory things for better & smooth survival.

Limitations and restrictions of Copyright laws:

Under these conditions a user may use the thing of a genuine owner.
If creator allows to reusing, modifying, copying and re sharing etc! Some owner allowed their products for personal as well as for commercial use but some restrict it. Give priority these copyrights terms. Remain legal and right.  Always be genuine and explore your abilities. Don’t copy paste or stole other works. Create things upon your will and prove yourself what you are.

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