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How to install a free license from creative commons for blog and website

As we write in detail in our previous topic about understand the facts of copyrights. So this is the right time we approve our site from Creativecommonsfree license ship. This is very easy process & we suggest every one who has their own blog or website this is very useful weapon. Also it is a firewall against spammers. So protection is in your hand. Now let’s dive.


At creativecommons we see some different sign the meaning and purpose of each fig discussed in detail below.

1. The main logo of CC:

 This logo appears on each license and verifies your creativity.CC license consist on three different layers.

First one is general layer and encloses special codes & languages.Second layer is all about for human readable. With important information about owner of the copyrights whether that is a composer, writer, etc. Third layer is for search engine friendly with essential description of license

With  No attribute:

This sign tell us about the behavior of owner with choice.
 In more depth this shows that licenser permits their work from copy, share but not distribute the next coming work on its behalf.

No aatribute

Yes atrribute:

About this specific sign owner allows to share his work, and with yes Tag.

cc sharing permission

For commercial and personal:

If this attribute appears on any license then reader may easily understand that owner do not allow their work for commercial use. On the other hand if not then you are free for both comm and personal usage.

pesonal and commercial cc

How to install creative commons license:

  • So now the time to getting license and show it to your blog or website. With step by step guidance.Allow yes in first radio button as in the figure below marked and don’t allow for commercial usage. 

creative commons license allow yes
  • In Title may use name of organization or what you want.
  •  Attributor section filled with owner or author name. Provide a URL of your page and choose HTML+RDF

Understanding the cc attributes
  • In final step copy the code with Normal icon and go to
  • Blogger Dashboard > Layout >  Add aGadget

installing creative commons license to HTML Gadget

And copy this code into HTML Java script. Press save arrangement orange button at top right and refresh the page.

 Bingo you are done Your Creative Commons license is now alive and you are now safe. J

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