Automatically share blogger posts on Google Plus profile

Every one needs visitors or more traffic on his site. Because rush of traffic increase clicks and impressions on site as a result quickly revenue will be shoot. In today tutorial we learn how easily integrate Google plus profile with our blog.

Benefits of sharing with G +:

First of all when a profile linked with blog then it identified and authorship will be verified with that specific owner. After sharing a post it automatically re share on our Google plus profile. In this way more readers are coming. Suppose my blog is attach with my G+ Profile. Let us take an example here if I share a post regarding latest android mobile features and it applications when it will be updated on profile then its possible many interested readers engage. If they like then passing comments! That’s our requirement.

How to connect blog with Google plus:

Go to blogger dashboard and click on Google + icon from left sidebar. Now check mark on these three radio buttons.
1. Automatically share post
2. Prompt to share
3. Use G plus comments.

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link profile with google plus profile
And you have done now check it and right a demo post & publish it. A dialogue box appears with your Google plus profile.

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