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How to exactly install and use font awesome for blogger

Every one wants seems different look on websites. Value able and friendly appearance for users! But this is not an easy subject. People do a lot of struggle in this matter. After years of hard work they set a professional design & glance for their blog. Font awesome make it easy for those who are expert or newbies. Just you need a little bit of information about HTML plus CCS. Using this platform you decorate the site like a qualified. Then start.

Font awesome:

4.0.3 is the latest version of Font awesome. It is a place where you add up to 350+ icons depending on different categories i.e. web icons, currency, text editor and much more. Just need to add the code of your favorite icon in source of your page. Even if you are expert in CSS then make these icons more colorized. Changing size into any scale according to layout! It increases the beauty of site with live icons. This is perfect platform for web owners to see as a skilled person at Internet.

Font awesome icons

Correctly Installation:

Go to Font-Awesome. And add these two lines of coding into head section of your source of web page.
1. If you are using blogger then Go to Dashboard > Template > Edit HTML
Press  (ctrl+f) and find <head> just below it add this piece of code.

<link href=”//” rel=”stylesheet”>

2. Click save Template button and you are done.

Some times while saving it Template gives an error in red alert on the top of the page.

Error parsing XML, line 1233, column 5: The element type “link” must be terminated by the matching end-tag “</link>”. Hide notification

Here is a useful Tip to correct this error. You need to just add a back slash (  /  ) at the end of the code. After adding this (/) it looks like as

<link href=”//” rel=”stylesheet” >

Now again save it. I hope it will not show any fault.

Using CSS:

If the above code don’t work accurately then you have other option of adding Cascading Style sheet Link in HTML coding of your blogger.
Repeat the above mention process and at starting tad of <head> Just below it paste this piece.

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”path/to/font-awesome/css/font-awesome.min.css”>

If show error then follow above process of adding (/) at the end.
I expect after this you will exactly install Font awesome in your website or blogger.

What can we do:

By installing Font awesome we can do many things? By surfing internet you may see on many websites small beautiful icons like Tags, Home, Settings etc. Below is a short online Demo.
Source is    <i class=“fa fa-tags”></i> AND <i class=“fa fa-comments”></i>

On successfully installation just pick your desired icon from F.A Library and put the selected item code in the form of fa fa-heart using <i> tag. Save it and refresh the page. A new scene will appear on your site. Write less and do more.

Need help:

Just drag and drop system however if you need any type of assist then ask me. I always feel glad for helping others.


Earning Money Online

How much I earn with rapidgator file sharing system part 3

As previously we discussed in detail about earning through file sharing. I hope all of you guys understand the procedure of this system. Using Rapidgator there are other ways to increase earning online except file sharing. This platform gives you the chance of enhancing potential in few days.

Partners in Affiliate program:

May be you hear about affiliate programs. This is the unique way to boost revenue. In this way some options we use like promo banners, and referral program. Same as adsense. You copy the code of banner from huge available variety & if you have a blog or website place copied code on your blog. Visitors click on these banners and when sign up or purchase something you earn money according to terms & conditions of Rapidgator. Using referral program when user joins through your link then 10% of his profit will be shared with you. Register and confirm your website and start earning.

File sharing Pay per download statistics:

Rapidgator is a vital and secure system among the competitors. With maximum revenue plus fast web and Filezilla client uploading facilities! Strict and instantly payment options. Below is the infographic of pay per downloads. Which clearly tells the amount of earning money with file size and country category.

pay per download sale

Payment settings:

Minimum payout is 15$$ on Rapidgator. Earning will be handed over to customers on weekly basis and every Thursday. Via Webmoney you may receive your commission if you reach at selected threshold frequency.  


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How to add a third party revolver map widget on blog

If you are a owner of a blog/ website. You may know about gadgets and widgets. People focus on making, using and develop it. Every where with the latest technology they are using like in Computer desktop, mobile phones and especially on websites. Most common widgets of desktop are time, date with calendar, photo gallery, weather updates, ram and process statistics. Users save their time, for the sake of clarity and increase attractiveness. Also anther plus point of their applied is to getting information in less time of relative task. Ohhhh…!! Yes all these type of applications provide us correct info.

What is revolver map widget:

Surfing internet you may notice a map of earth with 360 rotation continuously. This called revolver widget. Many third parties offer this widget with instantly settings. But not are reliable due to some certain reasons. We take it with carefully. It is a great gadget for websites/blogs. This map revolves with out ant break with the support of Java script. You can use & integrate it easily similar just cutting a cake. You can customize it in your own way with providing navigation buttons like changing direction, rotation etc.

rotating map demo

Why we Use this Widget:

Not a bad question. But I have solid reasons to defending it. Revolver map gives you live and real data about blogger statistics. It tells the activity of users with providing their exact location. More over you can calculate the visitor’s quantity and see from which country reader comes? Every activity that told by revolver widget is genuine. Also visitors can see their live location and play with it. When any one hits it its speed goes down again touching with mouse speed will be normal. So use it with fun & save actual data.
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How to add revolver map on blogger:

For the sake of live coverage and better understanding of whole story we will recommend you see                                                       (Live-Demo)
 Then go to further process.

Just go to Revolvermaps now follow these instructions.

  • Choose your globe from variety huge variety.
  • Set the dimensions and size in pixels.
  • Wisely pick colours as your template because appearance matter.
  • In advance settings check mark on both boxes also from radio button select HTML version
  • Finally copy provided code by pressing (ctrl+A).
  • Good you have half done.


From the large variety of maps you can select your taste like buttons, flat revolving apps, 2D or 3D versions.
After this step go to blogger dashboard  Settings > Layout > Add a widget.  If not familiar with these settings then check this Make blog beautiful by adding Gadget.
Embed the copied code by selecting HTML & Java script from bloggers widgets list. Hit the orange Save button and refresh the Page.
Bingo you have Done…!!! Enjoy a new look

For help:

If this tutorial is seem difficult or feel don’t tackle at any stage when implementing then ask us we will be feel glad for helping you. 


Earning Money Online

Make money by sharing files with heroturko and tinydl part 2

After introduction of first step of sharing files online this is the time to take a brief look on this system and its implementation. Once your file will be uploaded correctly with Filezilla according to previous mention post now we share and spread this file on suitable platforms! The purpose behind sharing when your friends’ users and visitor see this if they want they can download it. When downloading practice will start once your countdown for money will be begin now. It is necessary for better results and more downloads place your file at market place. On social platforms etc!  

How to generate link of uploaded file:

Using dashboard of your rapidgator account. Go to My account > My Files > Link a new menu will be open. Here we find all type of our completely uploaded files at once. Plus options of rename, create, delete etc. Now do as directed with the help of screen shorts.
1. Select a file form all your files.
2. Choose link option for making links.
A new dialogue box appears with short & longer links choice.

generate link for uploading files step by step guide

3. Choose your link form here and paste it to where you want.
All is done press ok.
You can do same process for all types of files. Generating links and places them on fine platform. So now we find these types of correct locations for downloading purpose.

Social media and herotukro:

Although we know that social media i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Google plus are best place for these services however our requirement is not fully completed with only SM. So we consult with Herotukro. Awesome platform a large community of people who download your stuff instantly and share it with others! Infinite downloads you make here.

herotukro download files

                                                  Just go to herotukro website if you have already an accounts then well if not make it. And sign up. After completing place your file link here with suitable description and a perfect image. This will increase the power of downloading because nice impression will attract the visitors.

Use tinydl:

Similar another server you can use for downloading purpose. Many clever people use these two services for more money. They place downloading links on these two online stores. Interested users will download from both links as a result you can make more revenue. Tinydl process is same as herotukro. In our up coming tutorials we will release more ways regarding file sharing online tricks.

How to find downloading link:

At herotukro and tinydl in main interface we see a lot of stuff i.e. Games, movies, magazines, software everything. People place link there and original file at Rapidgator. When you click on a file Read more option it will give you some type of downloading links. By using them you/a user will be able to downloading the file. 


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Top 2 awesome ways to capturing screen shorts for websites

If you are a writer, blogger or have any website then for teaching correctly to visitors sometimes we need screen shorts. These small cuts of screen give value to your content also a user can easily understand & pick your views. Most of the professional writers and blogger suggest putting two or three related images in your whole post while using website/blogger platform tutorials. Also you may hear an image’s worth is greater then one thousand written words. In all the above written statement this thing is same as clear bright day that using of perfect pictures is a vital step for your success in Internet community. It gives a new glance to whole post.

Why we use Images:

For better understanding. Some topics are not understandable without inserting proper images step by step. Today’s readers want clarity. Also this is a method to engaging user with topic. Without pictures visitors feel dullness and boring while reading. Plus images are a way of diverting traffic to your site/blog.

Awesome Screen Short Extension:

If you are using Google chrome browser then this is the first option to integrate with Gc. Just Go to
(chrome store) and add this extension into your browser right side. This is very nice ext because it has many options for screen capturing. Like whole page capture, selected portion and visible part of the page. After taking a short you may be able to editing this photo using its tools.

Awesome screen short google chrome ext

 Recapture, edit, indicate something or highlight by putting arrows and circles. Then save it in as a (.png) or Print it also save it in Goggle drive choice. Although every thing is fine but there is a little draw back of this capture. This app is only works on http:// protocol not on https:// or secure websites so we solve this problem by introducing another algorithm.

Genuine Print screen option:

You can easily take the print of your whole screen by using this technique. Locate at your keyboard to find control (ctrl) and print screen (prtsc) buttons.

keyboard printed buttons

Now press them together your screen short is ready. Go to start menu and find Paint tool after opening it on the left top corner there is a paste option click it and your whole screen short will be clipped to paint interface. Now by using all paint tools you can easily customize it as your own way. Add whatever, changing heights and widths if you know about paint.

Other resources:

It is recommended that use images but if you are able to make your own images then it is a good practice. By suing paint and Adobe Photoshop you’re this problem will be easily solve. Don’t use the photos from the taken by Internet because many newbies not know about their owner privacy. Professional users use Creative Commons License for their copyright reserved. Blindly using of available images form Internet may be panelized you at any stage.


However there is another option exist for using online screen shorts of other users. If they give to write to reuse their material for complete guidance of copyrights read our () tutorial! Also you use it by giving proper credit to the creator. This is the rule. Take respect & get respect.


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How to use Filezilla client for uploading online files

Web developers, multi files upload at once and people who sharing files use Filezilla client. It is a small application. But in worth there is no compatible with it. With modern technology lack of time people prefer less time consume and more work progress. This is the time to say bye old ways of uploading your online files. Because these ways are much time consuming like direct uploading. Put your style to a new way with this project and make a new glance. In few minutes everything will be done. Download it here.

How to use and start up:

Open your Filezilla application.
1. In host section enter the address of your C panel. In the format of FTP! Like

2. Fill user name for suitable occurrence. In common example this will be you email address like

[email protected].

As mention in screen short!
3. For third step insert the password provided by your local host.
4. Finally hit the Quick Connect button.

Upload Files:

There are four section that are visible. In first section all of pc drives are open called local site. Below this a new segment here you will easily split drives into sub folders or files. Choose files from and simply drag and drop on the front of the second segment. When you put file here it will start uploading to local host.

uploading files view


With drag & drop system it gives many files selection at once. Even more the option of individually one by one is also available.  Just right click on your mouse upon any type of file first option is upload select this and start. But professionals recommended dragging choice. At the end when file fully uploaded it seems on bottom section clearly.


Earning Money Online, How to

How to exactly free earn money by sharing your stuff Part 1 of 3

Internet is a divine. If any one who tackle its in right way. With the passage of time modern technology will more vital. And human gets more benefits. People earn day by day millions of dollars and they don’t share there secrets. Although many ways are available for making money online but not every one is trusted & hundred percent real. The reason is increasing amount of spammers and fraudulent persons make it very difficult to distinguish between these.  So we share those tactics regarding this topic which are reliable for interested users. Apply these methods results will be positive.

Sharing Stuff:

This term cover all the topic. In sharing stuff includes, video files like movies, seasons, and drams every category of video. Every type of software, games, eBooks, mobile applications, magazines, tutorials, graphic wallpaper, and templates in short every thing which is share able you add it in this category. Spread your files every where and earn extra money. Sharing informative tutorials in video formats is best for make money.

start uploading and earn revenue with rapidgator

File sharing:

Any one use this file sharing service that offered by many websites. If you have any above mention sharing material then this is the right time to facilitating yourself by this free service. Any one who is developer, video maker, graphic designer they easily share their work with people and make revenue.

How to earn money:

In this specific discussion we will allocate about Rapidgator. () is very popular online file sharing program. The strategy is you upload any type of file here in cpanel. Most of the people use Filezilla client software for uploading bunch of files with one click. This is small software for using upload websites, files, and other stuff. You can download it from here(). Just drag and drop option and synchronize with c panel file will be start uploading.
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                How students Make money with infolinks

Earn money with Rapidgator:

Go to (R) and make an account by providing email address and user name. After signing in this is your Dashboard or homepage. On very top of left menu like My account, earn, premium etc are given. Set your profile and other payment settings as you want. On this platform two types of accounts.
Network Marketing is a vital way of Income in Pakistan.

Rapidgator main menu

First is called free account and second is premium. You will be given 4 TB bandwidth space with free account. I think if you are willing to work then this is enough space. We don’t need to premium account. People download your stuff and earning will be start.

Uploading Files:

Most of the users prefer Filezilla for uploading online files. Alternatively there are two other options exist for uploading material. Like web uploading direct option, and remote choice. Choose your files. We recommend Fz because it is fast & only takes few minutes. With this service you can upload a file up to 5GB. Rapidgator provide you FTP server address for Fz plus another login and password option. While other two options are simple select files then upload it. As we work in our daily uploading system. After complete uploading start sharing with friends they will download you will make money. Complete method will be described in our next post so till then stay with us for revealing all the hidden secrets of earning money online.