Write your own caption or title on blogger & website images and photos

Adding images in your blogger post is a good practice. It gives your website a new turning point as well as reader understands the whole theme of the page with reference photo. Also this practice increases the beauty of your blog. Google also give prior for inserting closer picture that competes with topic.

Selection of relative IMG:

                                            It is also very good from SEO point of view to select proper photo for website. Putting figures also a way to diversion of traffic from other search engines. These all things provide extra information about the topic to the visitor.

For better SEO must add:

            We have post a detailed discussion about the insertion of img attributes and Links Addition.

1. title
2. alt

You can take help from Google Webmaster Tools.
  Because these properties tells the search engine Crawler what’s about really image. On the other hand it is a part of strong Search Engine Optimization strategies. Plus smoothly growing for blogger reputation in Major Search engines i.e. Google, Bing & Yahoo etc.

Where to add caption:

                                       After selecting & uploading it for website via blogger editor. This is the right time for adding the text below the image in a Blog.
Tip: Write short but descriptive text which covers the whole post.
Now follow these steps as mentioned in these figures.
Point your cursor on image & select it.
 1. Describe by Red Star

easily add your custom text on image

2. You see a blue color text line appears in 
bottom of the photo. Shown with green arrow

3.Write your caption here like in this fig.

write your own descriptive words

 Add it on website where you want.
Now save it and you are done.

How to remove:

                             Reverse this process will delete your caption below.
Happy blogging 🙂


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