Two reasons of not verified authorship neither rel=”author” tag work

Two days ago I connect my profile with my site in Google search results correctly. But last night when I accidently enter in my Google webmaster tools account.  And enter my website url then I wonder by seeing that my profile not linked with my website. Also picture was replaced with my Fan Page of G + similar situation was with page title.

Then we start search to resolving this problem. With the hard working of 3 hours then at least we fix it and think we share this useful and important information with all of you. So before we directly jump into solution 1stwe make a review and knowing about it. What is the reason behind this factor? Then we go on solution.

Main cause of not showing author rank:

most first reason that we do not right treat with website address correctly. We don’t place the web url on their specific location at Google plus profile.

who they don’t use  rel=”author”

How ever complete tutorial on this topic  already have been posted by us so before any changing also remind this how To verify Aurhorship

Then make suitable changes.

using rel tag

Two Perfect solutions that show verified authorship:

. Reciprocal URL:
add website url in contributor section of your Google plus Profile page properly.

insert your G + profile address two or three times in any section in your HTML
must using with   rel=”author”  tag


Insert these three places
1. In header section
2. Sidebar section
3. Also similar in footer section

You have done. After all now go and again check using Richsnippest Tool
 Now I hope your authorship will be confirmed and  rel=”author”  tag will work.

Need help?

Tutorial is very easy to understand. However if you have an problem regarding implementation you concern with us.

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