Understand the Blog Statistics

As the topic tell us about its description simply means calculations. So question arises here what should I calculate? The answer is blog. Every time when I see my dashboard then variations occur there. For example page views, visitors and same like terms.  

About Blog Stats Tab:

                                         With many other useful features blogger platform has a built in capability to monitor all the activities that are happening on here. This statistics technology keeps the record of each & every thing with manner. The whole recording close in a tab called stats. No doubt it is interesting and informative thing for blogger platform users. When we click on this button then drop down list open that divides into other four categories? That will be discussed in next paragraphs.

learn about stats tab

 1#. Overview:

                      Sub categorize into four parts.

Graphical Stats:

                           This graph briefly shows that how many readers visit your blog with up and down representation of bars. It records visitor’s strength, plus time. And page views history. On the very top of page there are some other buttons like Day, week, month etc. selecting anyone of them gives us that specific
statistics of site.

short but descriptive overview of blogger visitors

2#. Posts:

               On the selection of post tab a user can easily see that how much a post popular? It also shows how many people are engaging are in reading. And which specific page has been read by many times? Compares these type of calculations neatly. This is a tool which reminds us what dimension for your blog is right? Where readers spend more time?  So work on that section.

3#. Traffic ways:

                            For the sake of knowing about more statistics this feature helps us to control & analyze the traffic source. With referring URLs, keywords and referring sites stats.

4# Audience:

                     My favorite item. Because with this activity of statistics any one live see that from which countries visitors are coming? Using this key we targeted and set our topic related audience. With the help of demographic data. There are two other sections except this which records the browser entrance i.e. Chrome, Firefox plus operating systems with graphical understanding of statistics of blog.

easily monitor from which countries blogger traffic is coming


                Using these key features of statistics we easily check performance, popularity of blog. These things also create a snap short of demanding from readers.



5 recommended tips before starting a blog

With the passage of day it has been observed that trend of bloggers rapidly increase as compare to ever before. This is the rule of the world “Losers are abundant in quantity as Successors”.  So this is the time to maintain ourselves and need to prove that I’m a successor. Blog sphere is really wide from your thoughts. What are the tactics to establish a successive blog? Be personal I am not a master but things which I know and seeking by me share to all of you guys.

1#. Choosing a Nich:

                           Before entering in blogsphere it is very necessary and recommended by professional bloggers as well as SEO experts that select a suitable nich? May be some of you are not familiarize with this term but this is the basic. If base will be strong then every thing is right. Otherwise you just play a gamble with you & your blog. Which will be destroyed the entire structure with the passage of time.
                       In simple words we say that a idea about any blog for example a man who is thinking about making a blog about “Android Phones”. His information, searches, and managing suitable topics called Nich. Categorize the whole topic into small divisions i.e. Applications of Modern phones, newly entered Android models, prices, and much more. You can adjust your nich into variety of topics. So it is really important a clever topic.

how to choose a perfect nich

2#. Smart but descriptive topic;

                                                   After above mentioned building block it’s the right time to choose wisely a topic of your blog. Internet provides a number of tools which helps you in this matter. For example knowing the density, monthly, weekly, daily and geographical search history regarding a topic you may take help with Google’s tool (Adwords). Also it depends upon you how much data you collect about specific topic with other sources.

3#. Perfect landing Pages:

                                         When a reader visits your blog with his query landing page can inspire them if it is well established. As the elder says “First impression is last impression” same like this. Spend some time on arranging suitable template and perfect selection of colors.  Convert blogger simple page into high quality landing page. Because if you got success to impress the audience then you will succeed! This is the open secret of the best blogging. Also select your goal.

4#. SEO of the Blog:

                               Search engine optimization is the right & legal way to bring your blog/site in search results. Wrong seo leaves negative effects. So be simple and steady in this matter. Acquire sufficient knowledge about this terminology for genuine and permanent results. At this point site owner’s capability show which way he adopt. Update your blog on regularly. Many newbies left their blogging carrier because they do not pay more attention at SEO.

5#. Social media;

                           Especially Facebook, Twitter and Google plus are the keys to derive flood of traffic towards your Blog. Why I am saying traffic? The answer is when anyone has readers for his topic then site reputation will increase rapidly. Always give value to users.

Bonus Tip:

                 Consult with professional blogging experts for better and life time performance. If you can?


Earning Money Online, InfoLinks

Earning money secrets Infolinks Part-2

As we know that Internet is a great source of making handsome income. Regarding this topic I also write ever before. In today tutorial you learn complete guidance of earning money with Infolinks.
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Integrating Blog with Infolinks:

After 1st session we directly go on  how to configure your site with this.
Log in as a publisher. We see seven tabs now choose
Integrate > Add a new website
Here you add your website or blog. With providing URL, Category and language then Hit Submit. Another option for adding more sites you have also available.

Adding a blog with infolinks

Select Platform:

                      Infolinks supports with all most popular platforms like Blogger, WordPress,  Drupal and joomla. 2 options you have.
1. Add HTML Java script or
2. Install plugin.


Personally I recommend you choose add html option. Because its very easy and simple not more than set in five seconds. Copy this code and insert it on your blog now you have done. Your first step towards earning money starts.

Customization in Infolinks:

                                         Intext, tag search and iframe these four categories this system offers you for the sake of monetizing it on your website or blog. Choose as you wish. Because more engagement of visitors with above mentioned categories as a result your earning money graph increases rapidly.

Ad unit and color:

                           For more results it is very necessary that you choose effective colors. This factor effects your website and SEO. Template related colors are best for this practice. Wisely choose Link color and its separation double or dotted it depends upon customer choice. Click save and see your Blog/Website. Is links appears correctly as customized? Because Infolinks settings are immediately take effect on a live page.  If yes then Good because professional setting gives chance for huge earning money.

Payment settings;

                               Finally go to account and setup payment method. Its upon you which method you prefer. Just fill the form consist information from you and save it.

Display reports:

                          See weekly monthly and daily reports of your earning with infolinks. Containing ad view, eCPM and net page views with date & earning money summary. At the end of this sheet total is calculated.
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Network Marketing

Leading Network Marketing Business companies

World’s algorithm changes rapidly. Which converts old means of business into Modern ways? People are now aware about MB. However I examine some quarries still exist in their minds. Also a fear factor stops them to choice or work with leading network marketing companies. As a result they lost total benefits from this business. In this tutorial I will try to make a complete guidance regarding this problem. Which help many people to understand the policy and work strategy with this system of Network Marketing.

Top 3 Leading Business companies:

Here is a descriptive review of
1. Edady.
2. GoldmineInternational.
3. Tines.

1ST leading hub of online business:

                                              Edady is now most wanted, best and reliable online working platform for networkers. If I say that this is “Father of all ecommerce business” then it might not be wrong. It facilitate with all the basic requirements that customers want. Plus edge of flexible plain. Strong products & most amazing thing that I observe daily based automatic commission system. Wish of every customer. Highly secure online network marketing business company. So I say that working with ED is not a bad deal rather then it’s a golden chance for you guys. Make your dreams live with this.


         Pronounced as Goldmine international another a great deal. That works in 150 plus countries. As its name shows it deals in Gold products mostly. Which is worthy product in this age? Overall in network marketing business the average and ranking of GMI is very high but here are some reasons of upon them a large no of networkers prefer first leading company(ED). Most common is its business plan is very strict as compare to Edady. And you get commission on every Monday. The vital rule of this company that is GMS is really appreciated able.


          Which is also a good earning platform? Is a Chinese company founded in 1995. It deals in medicines, massagers, health and other such type of products. Help the people all over the world in two ways. You know how? I tell. First when a networker joins this network marketing company he enters in this business. According to my observation he sold some products on his behalf. If he brings patients with them he earns some points. And his level increase from 1 star to 3 star. Using this trick where patient takes medicines and treat himself on the other hand company’s product sell and networker earn commission. All three parties take their own benefit

Last Words:

              Network marketing business now a leading way and key of success. Choosing a company it’s my suggestion that you have value able information about it. Also make a survey for its confirmation. 


Earning Money Online, How to, InfoLinks

How students earn money with Infolinks in 2014 Part-1

In this age on the Internet almost many advertising companies are active. Most of them are scam but there are really such networks which give the opportunity to earning money online.  A large number of males, females or house wives are working with these systems. Today we are especially focus on students. How they make handsome cash with out disturbing their studies. I know very well they have lack of time but we present a schedule for management. Also at this stage youngsters fulfill their needs but most of them are failing to do so. Here is a golden chance for all of you work together with Infolinks in 2014 with global network. And earn money.
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infolinks advertising network


                          There are some compulsory rules and laws of advertising with such networks. A well manage website or Blog about any topic. Which is eligible for ads & also that complies with positive policies of these advertising companies. At least 20 to 30 posts your blog have.

Approval from Infolinks:

                                          When you have owner of all above discussed items then its right time for applying. In order to get pass this test follow these simple tricks. Another vital step for your approval is smart SEO of you Blog and huge traffic. These factors give us the opportunity to earn more money in 2014 with this world wide network. Now read carefully.
                                             Go to ( fill registration form in order to get Sign up. You have an option to join this network with Facebook account. Once you get an account then next process is so easy. Select Log in Publisher tab for the sake of monetizing. Do not choose advertiser.

earn money with infolinks in pakistan

Infolinks for Publishers:

                                         Tag, frame, text and search are four ways to integrate your blog or website with all of them. Choose all earn more. eCPM(effective cost per thousand views) & Ad or Net page views on your site by unique visitors. On the basis of these two categories this Infolinks gives your earning money in weekly report.


                   According to this network these are all ways to get your money in Pakistan. Western Union, Paypal, Payoneer and Bank wire transfer system. You made payment request when you reach minimum Threshold $$50.


                 We encourage the students to join this field. However it was just introductory class about earning money with infolinks in 2014. Asp I will try to discuss remaining part with all of you guys in the sense of getting full benefit. So stay tuned and keep visiting for latest updates.
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Track any Mobile phone and number in Pakistan

In this world every thing has been made for help the human being, in order to get benefit from them & many other reasons. Nothing has been created dull. I tell you here all things in the world have a reasonable factor behind. Even a small piece of cord is useful if we have ability to facilitate us. My meanings are here nothing is bad or purposeless. Usage of this stuff in positive & negative angle decides is it good or not?
Main reason of above explanation is to understand the reader’s worth of using things.

Mobile Phone:

                        With going in any detail just intro. Whole generation of 20th century is well familiar with mobiles. Some people use it for the time of need but mostly it utilize in not good activities. You know where my dimension here is. Due to this practice many problems arises. In order to solve this trouble Technology helps us.

Track a number in Pakistan:

                                             I share this important information with all of you.
   Pakistan Mobile directory. (

Complete mobile phone directory
Is that website which shows you mobile location track in all over the Pakistan?   


            I use it since 2012 and it has amazing features. Consist upon simple interface & menu. Just go to this site and add your number with out code. Then select proper code from drop down menu. Hit find location. With in seconds your desired number with Pakistancorrect location appears.

Amazing and cool factors:

                                                It’s possible you have visit a lot of sites which detect location of mobile numbers but personally I examine that most of them are bogus. But this site is enough. Exact location finder capability increases its reputation on Internet. It has other categories like measuring the distance between two cities etc. But mobile number tracker feature is awesome and irrefragable. Thumbs up.

No restrictions on other Tracking:

                        Another very surprising thing is unlimited number track with all codes you detect in Pakistan. Including all codes of Jazz, Warid, Telenor, Ufone and Zong.  Its results are hundred percent. Not limited on an specific region but it tells us the City where mobile number is active.


               It’s my suggestion to all of you use all these things for easily survival of human. Take full benefit from this technology in the sense of positivity. If you find this tutorial is really helpful then share this information with others regarding mobile number tracking in Pakistan. Stay tune with us other amazing discoveries.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     



Twitter Button series-Part.4

We discussed in detail other three parts of this episode. Today we add & learn how to add twitter button at the top of the every post. Which is very easy and it allows readers to share this specific post at social network. Just on one click!
You might be interested How to add twitter button on below post.

How it to facilitate Visitors:

                                        When a subscriber reached at the interface of your published post. If he feels this provided material is helpful, useful for other people also he likes it. Then he wants to this information share with in his groups, followers, friends etc. at this time reader finds sharing buttons. In this way this topper buttons easy their difficulty. 


                Here is a hidden edge for owners. Due to this activity your blog become famous, on social networks. A flood of traffic will move on site. People show their interest and write their views in comments. As a result website ranking will improve in major search engines including Google. Back links will generate with out any problem. 

Blog performance:

                                 It is also a way of increasing the beauty and visibility of site. Visitors will be able to add this button on their own sites. Then hundred percent chances exist they follow you. Your follower rank boost up & rose rapidly. Retweeted your link.

How to add on top:

                               Just one, two, three and button added see how?
1. Go to Blogger home
2. Template > Edit HTML
3. search for this piece of code.


Note: it appears more then one time so in order to trace correct position add your twitter code just before it in second alteration.
Place your html coding immediately above/before <data:post.body/>
Now insert

<a href=”” class=”twitter-mention-button” data-related=”TechnologyMake”>Tweet to @TechnologyMake</a>
<script>!function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?’http’:’https’;if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+’://’;fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document, ‘script’, ‘twitter-wjs’);</script>

                    Get your own code by following those tutorial have published before.