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Top 2 social tools for using network marketing Business and MLM

Today we will briefly discuss all about this crazy topic that how we build our online business through Internet. In this century as we know a large no of these types of social networks available.

 But these three (Fb, Skype,) are play major role in our plus they fulfill the demands of our network marketing system.

Demands from you:

 For the sake of spread your Multi level Marketing business all over the globe with out any restriction.
#1.It is necessary that you have fully command upon you basic and advance Skills.
#2.you has a professional presenter and motivator.
#3.also good knowledge of prospecting and training qualities you have.
#4.with good teammates or business partners you have.

#5.signifigant tree has a large number of joining.
#6. Sufficient knowledge of usage of these apps (Fb, Skype,)
if you fulfill all these requirements and you fall this above mentioned criteria then now its your time to start your network marketing or multi level marketing business  around the world. You have no competitor.

How to Get Benefit:

Basic simple tools
In order to use social internet network tools we describe these three major step by step. 

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1. Facebook

we are all familiar with this. For the sake of its usage in our benefit first of all you have an idea that how to treat with this. This application provides you an opportunity to grow your business everywhere you want.
Make new friends and then give them a touch about this system.

Tell them their worth.
Give invitation or directly present them.
Very next day take the follow up.
And check response. If results are positive then join that.

2. Skype

Here will be same procedure but a bit of difference.

Get the id of known persons.
Tell them shortly about network marketing business or multi level marketing.
Present them whole idea via live call with examples.
Also repeat the above discussed method.
At last check his/her view and if he has any query then solve that.
If he has cleared each and every thing then take cash and sign up. 
These are some basic tactics about the usage of social media tools  for promoting  network marketing and Multi level marketing business.



Earning Money Online, Network Marketing,

Benefits of Social networking as a marketing tool

Social networking as marketing toolIn every age of life money leads the society and remains basic need of the human being as all of we know. Because without it is no life. So the first thing may you have pick from this topic that how a man needs to business? The answer is simple to fulfill their primary requirements.
As the time passing rapidly the ways of earning money will be advanced level. Similarly social network marketing (NM) is the name of that type of business gives us revenue as we work here.

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Due to advance Social media it is very easy for us that we generate handsome income.

How to use social networks:

We use this tool effectively and wisely if we have a fully grip on network marketing business.

I personally advice you that 1st you do work in your around or your home town. When you see that your work going into flow then you use these social networking tools for marketing business.  1st of all you need to strong your Base because it’s the back bone of this system.
“When a base will be stronger then the building will be automatically vital”.

Marketing Tool:

And at this stage you have earn the edge of confidence, personal relations, fame. And your work will be under your fully influence.

When you see that now you’re in flow then you start work of network marketing using this tool. Also follow these golden words from (M Sameer)
“When a glass will be full of water and we put more water in it then have you idea where will go that water?? Yes you are true the water falling down from the glass and will start spreading on the table”…!!!
So first you build your work around you then you go out.
In the world of internet a rush of social channels with help of these we grow our business very vastly without any boundary restrictions.
In which the most common are like Face book, Skype, G+ and Twitter. These platforms are are use as major tool in this system

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How to back up or restore your blogger template

Before you make any changing in your template 1st you would be enough familiar to this term what is a blog. In blogger some time we need to backup or restore our template when we manually customize it. in order to face this problem and solve this easily I’m writing this post for all of you. When we make some suitable changing in any section of our blog then at that step we feel that how to restore our previous template before changing. It is very easy to use and understand just you pay little attention and you would be able to replace yourself. So take the start.

Want to change my blogger template:

How to backup or restore technologymake blog template

First of all  enter your  sign in your blogger Home.

Go to > Template
Then go to the Right side of Page as followed by the Image. According to the arrow head press this tab then open a pop up box .
Now follow these instructions as mentioned in the next lines.

Restore Your Full Template:

when we click on this tab according to the fig then two options will be displayed on your screen in a pop up box appears with two options..

#1. Download full
#2. Choose file

 I personally say you it is very wise decision that before make any change you follow the 1st given instruction (Download)
 After this save this copy of in a safe place in your PC for future.

Upload your desired copy of  Tem:

Now select the #2 option. Select your file from your computer and press the Open tab. Press upload. Your file will be start to upload. Now save it.

Refresh your page and see the changing you have made.
You have all the done…
 Need help:?
It will be honor for us if you ask for any technical help. You are most welcome for help. The tutorial is so easy to implementation and for understand however if you don’t understand any thing then tell us with out any hesitation.  J


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Verify authorship of your blog with Google + profile and your site

Authorship verifiedWhen we make search on Google then sometime we see that the profile photo of the author of that specific page in with that result. In today tutorial we will discuss about this hot topic. the question arises here what is the google authorship and how we use it also what are its benefits for webmasters. We will help you step by step how can we achieve this goal if we follow these instructions that are given here then easily you get your Rank.
So lets get start it….

Benefits of author ship:

Shahzaib sultan authorship with technologymake.comGoogle gives priority in the search results that websites which connect their author G+ profile.
The head shot photo of the owner show with their site link.
The edge of improvement in the SEO.

How to verify the authorship:

We have 2 ways the problem of this solution
1.Via Email
2. Via G+

For the 1st method:
 just visit this page
Enter your active email address e.g. ([email protected])
And sign up for authorship
A confirmation email send to your giving email address just open your in box and click to verify.
After at all you just go to
webmasters richsnippets
and in the URL section enter your site URL e.g. (www.example.com)
click preview. And see what data pick Google from your profile
You have done.

For the 2nd method:

Go to your blog settings and backup your template
In the header section add this HTML code.

<a href=”https:[Google profile Url]”
   rel=”author” target=”_blank”>Google</a>
 Now Replace

    [Google profile Url
     <a href=”https://plus.google.com/example/” rel=”author” target=”_blank”>


Tag must be contain with in your link otherwise your profile may not be able to connect with your site.
At last go to Contributor part of your profile
and add the website address.
Hit save.
Bingo you have done.
for checking
and in the Url section enter your site url e.g. (www.example.com)
click preview.

Need Help?

It will be honour for us if  ask for any technical help. And most welcome to you for help. The tutiorial is so easy to implementation and for understand however if you don’t understand then ask us with out any hesitation.


Social media an introduction

Social media  As the time passes rapidly changes occur in every field of life. Like other all things the source of communications also affected. If we compare our future with our past then we easily determine that difference of socializing and social media all around the globe. Similar to other major changing it’s also seemed in the world of internet. The progress, advance technology played a vital role behind this factor. Modern means of  local media:
At this age SM is very popular among all type, age of people. They connect with their loved ones 24/7 with out any problem.
Google Plus
and Many others.

Benefits of Social media:

These three are major social websites at this time people share their views, thoughts, thinking with their relative ones. Social media also help us in many aspects. If I have a website then I use the route of G+, Fb,  or Twitter for the sake of the publicity of my product. Another positive thing that I examine with new and modern type of social media it is low cost and no cost.

We will discuss the tips that you could use while these platforms. These tricks make your experience better. So don’t miss our upcoming tutorials regarding social network.
Every one knows the importance and benefits of SM in this age. We take help it by during our study, dialogue on any series issue or in other aspects. In this time these things are a part of our lives. So in the end it’s compulsory for us that we know all basic tactics for their usage. Also how to apply these techniques? So stay tune with us for seeking…